Best Online Flower Delivery Reviews

Welcome! Would you like to send flowers online but feeling a bit overwhlemed with the vast number of cheap flower delivery services available to choose from? Would you like to send a beautiful floral arrangement but don't want to break the bank? With so many flower delivery services out there, it can be tough to decide which one to entrust with sending fresh and beautiful flowers to your recipient for your next occassion.

It is for that reason that I decided to build this website! I hope to provide useful information to those who are unsure about where to order flowers from. Each of my reviews is broken down as follows:

Floral Offerings Many of the best flower delivery services offer extensive sets of floral offerings. Some arrangements can be colorful and feature a plethora of beautiful flowers and plants, while others can be a striking collection of a single flower. I review each of the floral offerings based on this specific uniqueness so that you can get an idea about what makes one company different from another.

Other/Non-Floral Related Gifts: Most cheap flower delivery services offer more than just flowers. Other, non-floral related gifts, can also be purchased to be included with your flower delivery. This includes items such as fruit baskets, gift baskets, chocolates/candies, plush teddy bears, edible arrangements, live house plants and so much more. I cover all these products and more in each review.

Customer Service: Helpful customer service is vital to a positive experience with any company. If you have any issues what-so-ever with your flower delivery, you don't want to be left twisting in the wind to fend for yourself. When I do a review of the customer service experience, we focus on the entire suite of options available (ie: toll free telephone support, live chat, e-mail, etc).

Ordering & Delivery: Delivery is most important. Flowers must be delivered at the time/date specified. In the "ordering and deliver section," I review the overall process per company. Many cheap flower delivery services have processes in place to facilitate same day delivery (or even express delivery within four hours) to your recipient. I outline the entire process including delivery windows, international shipping, and order upgrades in this section.

Environmental Friendly & Charity: Creating arrangements in a sustainable way should be a practice that every online flower delivery service embraces. It is great when a business gives back to the communities that they serve. With this in mind, I include charitable donations, partnerships, and ecological efforts in each flower delivery service review.

My Top 3 Cheap Flower Delivery Services For September '17

#1. FTD Flowers

FTD flowers is one of the most well-known and oldest flower delivery services online. Founded in 1910, FTD was previously known for their order-by-phone service (long before the internet).

FTD Flowers specializes in holiday arrangements, which include famous bouquet arrangements like the "Count Your Blessings" and "The Precious Heart Bouquet." Many of the arrangements include beautiful vases that further convey emotion and thoughtfulness.

The "FTD Studio Collection" is a collection of hand designed vases that sport a plethora of beautiful geometric patterns in a hand-blown glass style. These are the most adored vases available from FTD Flowers and are perfect for capturing the bright colors of fall.

The vase included in the "Many Thanks Bouquet" is a berry colored vase with a diamond-shaped pattern that is captivating to behold to say the least!

Other seasonal-themed bouquets that can be found at FTD include the "Booquet Bouquet" which is a perfect bouquet for celebrating the spookiest time of the year. The "Bountiful Bouquet" is a pumpkin vase that contains beautiful orange Asiatic lilies, butterscotch daisy pompons and other beautiful flowers.

To top it all off, FTD also offers seasonal centerpieces and wreaths for the holidays.

FTD offers same-day flower delivery to any recipient as long as the flowers have been ordered before 2:00pm (in the recipient’s timezone.)

FTD Flowers Benefits:

  • 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • International Delivery
  • 24/7 Toll Free Customer Support
  • Farm Fresh Flowers

#2. Pro Flowers

In business for over 20 years, Pro Flowers has been offering cheap flower delivery services since 1996. Pro Flowers specializes in offering beautiful floral bouquets that are perfect for just about any occasion.

The Pro Flowers "Deal Of The Day" highlights an arrangement of flowers that are paired with a box of chocolates and changes up daily. These deal of the day bouquets tend to go for a reduced price when compared to Pro Flowers standard offerings.

In addition to flower arrangements, Pro Flowers also has a healthy catalog of live plants. These plants add a bit of flavor to any décor and there are even flowering versions that visitors can add to their rooms in order to liven it up a bit.

Pro Flowers "Purely Floral Bouquets" are perfect for any occasion. The "Abundant Harvest Basket" is filled with mini carnations, lilies, and orange roses, all set in a beautiful wicker basket.

For a brighter-feeling bouquet, Pro Flower’s "Laughing Lavender" is full lavender shaded roses, Peruvian lilies, and asters. Additionally, there are four vase options for this bouquet so that visitors can have some choice.

Pro Flowers offers same-day cheap flower delivery across the United States - even on Sundays.

Pro Flowers Benefits:

  • Cheap Flower Delivery
  • 24/7 Toll Free Customer Support
  • Flowers Guaranteed Fresh For 7 Days
  • Extensive Fruit/Snack Basket Selection

#3. Just Flowers

Just Flowers has been delivering beautiful flower arrangements for over 16 years. Just Flowers delivers flowers to the entire world, not just the United States.

At Just Flowers, you can be confident that you will find beautiful floral and non-floral arrangements for every occasion - from sympathy to birthday and holiday arrangements.

For those looking for a great bouquet, Just Flowers has their "Country Splendor Basket" that is loaded with country-themed flowers. As with any Just Flowers bouquet, you can increase the amount of flowers, add teddy bears, or even chocolate to the order.

Just Flowers also offers beautifull designed and totally unique gift baskets that can include anything from fruit arrangements, baked goods, chocolates and even various meats and cheeses.

One of the most expressive gift baskets offered by Just Flowers is the "Special Stork Delivery Baby Basket" that contains a plethora of baby-friendly items. For the parents, the basket includes chocolate covered cherries and other Ghirardelli chocolates as well.

Just Flowers offers same-day cheap flower delivery as long as it’s ordered by 3:00pm (in the recipient’s timezone.) On the weekends, you will need to order a bit earlier to receive same-day service.

Just Flowers Benefits:

  • 24/7 Toll Free Customer Support
  • 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Express Delivery (4 Hours or Less)
  • Worldwide Flower Delivery

Tips For Choosing The Best Flower Delivery Service

Tips For Choosing The Best Flower Delivery

Beautiful floral arrangements are a great way to celebrate meaningful occasions - or just to remind someone that you are thinking about them! Before rushing to send flowers online, take a look at my tips below to help you choose the best flower delivery service for you.

Same Day or Next Day Flower Delivery: With so many cheap flower delivery services to choose from, I recommend that you choose one that offers same day delivery. Be wary: any flower delivery service that doesn't offer same day shipping may not be equipped to handle a last minute change or gift addition, but those who do provide the option are already used to working in a quick and efficient manner.

Eco-Friendly Effort: Flowers are beautiful items to give others, yet they are also delicate gifts that our planet constantly gives to us. Several of the best cheap flower delivery services make an effort to be eco-friendly and use biodegradable packaging and/or environmentally harvested flowers. These organic flowers are often the most fresh, lively flowers available for floral arrangements.

Treats and Other Add-ons: Consider selecting an online flower delivery service that offers more than just flowers. Several flower delivery services allow you to include other gifts, such as: fruit baskets, teddy bears, candy, cookies, balloons, cakes, spa sets, and even exquisite pieces of jewelry. These options allow customers to tailor the gift to their specific recipient.

Customization: Treats and spa sets are fun additions that make gifts extra special, but some cheap flower delivery services have even more customization options. These helpful options allow you to make your gift as personalized and unique as possible. Some companies offer innovative arrangement styles, like vase designs and photo addition options.